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Four Challenges of Selling Your Home

Selling a home in today’s market requires both number crunching and planning to position your home to stand out in the crowd. Rhonda details four challenges and the shockingly simple pricing solution that can double the number of online searches for any listing.

10 Questions to Ask Your Agent

Rhonda shares questions that can help sellers save money on commissions and make more money by getting the best price in the quickest amount of time.

Pic Pitfalls

Buyers searching for homes online spend exactly 2 seconds looking at photos before they move on. As a result they often rule out great homes due to bad photos or staging. Rhonda shares common pitfalls of online home photos and how to avoid them.

Prepping Your Home to Sell

If you have a game room in the home you are selling, “leave it in the middle of the game and get up and walk out.” Rhonda explains why, plus other house prepping tips to create “an atmosphere for a lifestyle” – the key to emotionally engaging a buyer.

Want the Best Price? Structure Your Sale

As little as 2 percent ­­– $5,000 on a $250,000 home – makes the difference between whether most buyers buy or walk away in most offers. Rhonda shares the financial strategy for determining your bottom line and the scientific process to get you there.

When Cousin Bubba Won’t Do

Practically anyone can get a real estate license and as a result, practically anyone does. Rhonda explains why experience counts in choosing an agent, and how to weed out the amateurs.

The Financing Matrix

Mortgage lenders offer a baffling array of choices. Rhonda explains powerful principles for securing a loan from her proprietary Buyer’s Action Timeline, including how to comparison-shop for financing and interview lenders (instead of having them interview you) to get the best deal.

House Hunting 101 (Don’t Forget Your Toolbox!)

Rhonda explains her eight-step process for buyers to evaluate houses, key questions every potential buyer should ask, and the tools (tape measure, flashlight, etc.) to take along.

Neighbors: Old School Secrets in a Digital World

Nobody knows more about what goes on in a neighborhood than the people who live there. Rhonda shares seven key questions potential buyers can ask neighbors, and explains how neighbors can either seal or kill a home deal.

Four Threats to Buying

Market uncertainty, improper guidance, web search pitfalls and shoddy investigation can all lead to buyer’s remorse. Rhonda shares secrets every homeowner should know to boost value, pride and contentment.

Remorse-Proof Your Deal

86 percent of homebuyers experience buyer’s remorse within three months of moving in. Rhonda shares tips from her action timeline to help buyers close the deal with peace of mind.

Markets 101

Rhonda discusses whether today’s real estate landscape is a buyers or sellers market, plus how buyers and sellers can use local market conditions to their advantage.
Can you sell your home to someone who approaches you while it is under contract? Can you get out of a contract at any time, for any reason? What happens when a buyer’s agent finds a home for sale by owner? Rhonda shares these and other questions sellers and buyers should ask when choosing an agent.

Expectations, Education and Reality in Realty Relationships

What should you, as a buyer or seller, expect from your agent at a time when discount brokerages and flat-fee commissions are challenging the old paradigm? Rhonda explains how to educate yourself and clearly communicate your expectations.

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Wizard

Rhonda has made many friends among buyers and sellers but also many enemies by exposing questionable real estate practices, such as charging high commissions for minimal services. She discusses what drives her to blow the whistle on the good old boys.
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